Monday, February 25, 2008

Hooters Sucks

You know what's stupid about Hooters? I took a buddy of mine to lunch at the Hooters in East Meadow recently. I've been to Hooters before, but my buddy hadn't. We're not bad looking guys, so I was looking forward to an hour or so of flirting with (hopefully) hottie waitresses in their orange short shorts.

But we were pretty much ignored the whole time. When we got there the lunch hour rush had passed, and the place was pretty quiet. However, instead of hanging out with us, the waitresses were all sitting down, yacking with the fat, middle-aged losers who were still there.
Of course, it's obvious what they were up to. They were pretending to be interested in talking to those schmucks so they get big tips. So, I'm assuming they were all regulars and guys who are so pathetic they have to pay to talk with attractive women. Not that the waitresses were all that attractive, anyway. Can you say muffin top? Flat asses?

And the wings sucked. So, screw you, Hooters.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Trotting Out an Old Post

In anticipation of the Super Bowl this weekend (go Giants!), here is an old post about stupid, lame ideas for food for a Super Bowl party. Unfortunately, the Food Network changed the image that was originally linked to and added that fat Ham on the Street guy. Way to kill my joke, douches.

Oooh, sign me up!

One feature in this month's Bon Appétit is an article on ideas for a Super Bowl party. What's on the menu? A pork sandwich with red peppers, a salad, and jicama sticks.... We are not kidding.

These ideas were purportedly generated by a man. A man who either (1) has never been to a Super Bowl party; (2) does not know what the Super Bowl is; or (3) has never seen a football game.

If I went to a Super Bowl party and saw this as the food offering, I'd leave. It sounds like the kind of party this guy would have. Seriously, Bon Appétit, if this is the best you can come up with, don't even try.