Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Zagat's iOS app to be discontinued

Got this message on phone today when tried to launch Zagat app. Zagat's iOS app to be free soon. I think mine cost $9.99. What a sucker I am! I could have waited, and it would be free! Sad face.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Russell Crowe at Prime

The New York Post's Page Six says that Russell Crowe (a/k/a Jor-El) ate at Prime in Huntington on Saturday after a workout and had surf & turf and a club soda. Pretty cool.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Worst Cooks in America Casting Call

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Mother Cabrini Blogging

Finally made it to the Mother Cabrini Festival at the Suffolk Community College campus last weekend. It's billed as "Long Island's Largest Italian Feast", so I went there expecting to stuff my face with lots of Italian food and make a disgusting spectacle of myself.'s just like every other fair/festival on Long Island, with the usual suspects of food vendors selling Philly cheese steaks, nachos, funnel cakes, gyros, etc. Yawn. If you don't like the look of the food  from one vendor, you walk 8 feet to the left or right, and you can get the exact same food from a different vendor!

Because I wanted something Italian, I had the sausage and pepper hero ($8.00). Which you can get at every other Long Island fair. It was OK. The mozzarella sticks ($5.00) were not great. The Churro ($3.00) was fine. The BEST thing I ate was a deep fried Twinkie ($3.00). I think it's still somewhere in my large intestines.

The only thing that made this festival at all different from every other festival on Long Island was a tent where a woman was selling Catholic and Mother Cabrini items.  

There are rides. I don't like them. My survival instincts tell me that humans should stay on the ground. There was also a petting zoo area. I didn't get that. Some weird looking animals there, including a couple very bored llamas. 

I spent most of my time and money playing the stupid, rigged, rip-off games. Which I LOVE. I won a couple stuffed animals, which the Girlfriend and I gave to a little girl. She grabbed them like we had just found her lost puppy. I didn't care. I just like the thrill of the hunt.

Main avenue of the fair

Typical rundown of food at the festival

Heart attack on a stick vendor

Sausage and pepper hero

Mozzarella sticks

Deep-fried Twinkie

Weird animal