Saturday, January 17, 2009

Review: The Palm Court at the Carltun

This is a half review since I've only had lunch there. And it wasn't even with the wife, so I couldn't try anyone else's stuff. But everyone liked the food a lot.

In Zagat's this place always gets great decor ratings (usually finishing #1) but not as good food ratings. I think it's the opposite. There's really not much to The Palm Court restaurant. It's just a big, open, rectangular room. Whoop de do. But my meal was pretty good.

The appetizer was lobster bisque, which was tasty and sweet. They can get fishy pretty easily.

My entree was a "mini" Beef Wellington, which was also good. My only complaint was that instead of foie gras they give you a whole porcini mushroom (what the waiter said), and it just kind of sits there on the plate, out of place. And it was watery, so it was probably out of a can. Blegh.

Dessert was flourless chocolate cake. It was fine. Those are hard to screw up.

So, the dining room itself is pretty boring. I don't know what people love about it. I went with kind of a regular, so we got to walk around. There are some intersting rooms, as you can see on the Carltun's website. The dining room just isn't one of them. You can get a table in the wine cellar

and sit in one of the giant chairs like a big, fat king:

BTW, the wine cellar is not as big as it looks in the pic.

4 out of 5 stars

The Palm Court at the The Carltun
Eisenhower Park
East Meadow, New York 11554
(516) 542-0700


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