Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Local Potatoes

Did anyone have a clue that people grew potatoes in Mattituck? They do! Then they cut them up real thin like and fry them and call them North Fork Potato Chips!

That was a lame introduction to North Fork Potato Chips, which is apparently a growing Long Island business. I get mine from Papa's Farm (a farm stand and nursery) on Connetquot Avenue in Central Islip (the subject of a future post). But I've seen them in King Kullens here and there.

OK, these aren't the greatest chips I've ever had. And the saltiness tends to be inconsistent among the types, and even in the same bag. Some chips get curled up, and it can be an f'n salt explosion. But they are a local product, so that's cool. My favorite is the Cheddar & Onion.


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