Saturday, February 07, 2009

SB Follow-Up

So, the food was fine. I hate all the prep work for the stuff I made, though. Pain in the ass.

The only problem is that, at times like this, I want to make a fat pig of myself and eat and eat and drink and drink and pass out and wake up a few days later. But I was full and about to puke before halftime. So that sucked.

More importantly, ladies and gentlemen, can we please have a Super Bowl where the refs don't hand the game to the Steelers, as has happened before? Holmes did not get both feet down on that supposed TD catch:

Then, after the non-catch, why wasn't Holmes flagged for excessive celebration, which would have made the Steelers kick at the 15?
And please explain why the 12-4 Colts, who beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh, had to play at 8-8 San Diego just because the Chargers were the least pathetic team in a pathetic division? You win your division, fine, you get into the playoffs. But that should not get you a home game.


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