Thursday, February 09, 2006

Update on Idiot Steelers Fans

Here is video of a typical Steelers fan. On the night of the Super Bowl he followed around a couple in a grocery store, taunting them, because the man was wearing a Seahawks jersey.

But he's a Steelers fan, so that's not enough.

No, he's not satisfied until he follows the couple to their car and punches the guy in the face, breaking his jaw. Got 'a love Steelers fans...

By the way, here's a pic of the Roethlisfatty non-touchdown that the dumbasses at steelernation think is conclusive proof of the TD:

Hmmm... all I see is what looks like Roethlisfatboy's right elbow breaking the plane of the goal line. The only thing that looks dark brown (say, like a football) is next to his left elbow, nowhere near the plane. And if I recall, when Roethlisatetoomanyburgers got up off the ground, the ball was where? Under his left arm.


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