Saturday, October 23, 2010

Review: Cozymels

I wish I knew more Spanish. Then I could say "The food at Cozymels is gross" in Spanish.

I could say "The food at Cozymels is disgusting" in Spanish.

Or "The food at Cozymels sucks sweaty rat balls" in Spanish. Which is what I'd really like to say.

OK, it may not be as bad as that, but it is very unimpressive. There are 1,000 Mexican places on Long Island, and 997 have better food. I will say that the corn chowder there IS disgusting and DOES in fact suck the scrotum of small, sweaty rodents.

And hey Cozymels:  chimichangas are supposed to be crispy. That is why I like them. I got one that had some kind of liquid on it, so it was all squishy. Gag.

Now I'm sure this is a nice place to hang on a Friday or Saturday night or on Cinco de Mayo. Or on a Thursday when the margaritas are flowing, and groups of women from local offices get loud and gropy. But the food = thumbs down.

1 out of 5 stars


Squishy chicken chimichanga

Pork carnitas (I hate, hate, hate blurry pictures, but this is all I had)

1177 Corporate Drive
Westbury, New York


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