Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pickle Festival! OMG!

It will be pickle madness today at the 31st Annual Greenlawn Pickle Festival in Greenlawn.

Why am I telling you about it today? Because I just got an email about it yesterday on behalf of the Horman family's line of pickles, which will be on display at the festival. They do their thing in Glen Cove. Gotta support the locals.

Horman’s Best (booth number 10) will feature samples of all its fresh-from-the-barrel fan favorites including: Honey Mustard, New Dill, Sour, Spicy Sour, Sweet Cajun, Bread & Butter, Horseradish, Red Flannel, and Kosher Dill as well as Pickled Tomatoes and Hot Cherry Peppers.
New York Deli Pickle (booth number 17), now carried by Fairway among others, will debut its jarred line featuring Kosher Dill, Spicy Kosher Dill, Mustard and Horseradish.


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