Thursday, July 29, 2010

Man v. Food follow-up

So I watched the Man v. Food in Islip show. I wonder how he picks those three places out of all the restaurants on Long Island.

I said I never heard of the Port Royal Grille on Main Street in Islip. Watching the show last night I found out why. Chunky was walking down Main Street, and when I saw Tellers in the background I realized, oh shit, Port Royal had taken over Island BBQ & Grille, which I had reviewed. That's a shame, though the place wasn't very good. I wouldn't want to be in the restaurant biz.

Port Royal's "The Captain's Blog" says that Man v. Food visited around April 30th. Fun quote:
What really shocked me was how the ladies were into this guy...This guy basically looks like I did before I had 5 kids and got seriously fat.
Yeah, uh, I don't think the ladies were interested because of his looks. I would imagine (read:  sarcasm) it has something to do with the fact he has a TV show.


At 7:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Port Royal Grille stinks!! I have no idea how they landed a gig on Man v. Food. They should be ashamed of some of the food they put out. They miscalculated a bill for an additional charge of over $30 and refused a refund or any compensation. If you want seafood go to Whitecap for BBQ go to Smokin' Als


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