Sunday, September 19, 2010

Better Link

So I see from the stats feature on blogger that Germany has moved into the second spot of the countries who look at this stupid blog. Must have been the Oktoberfest post.

Guten Tag, my German readers. Hey, can you explain why when I type "drunk German" into a Google image search, 90% of the images are porno? I mean I expect like 50% to be porno for anything, but 90% is a bit high.

I used to know some German and was actually the top German student every year I took it in high school.

Reader:  Stop lying, you liar! We all know you're stupid. And now you're a liar.

That was when I had some intelligence. No longer.

Anyway, I realized that I linked to a Newsday article about Oktoberfest and that Newsday is a $ubscription $ite. Sorry. I get access as a Cablevision customer, so sometimes I forget. Newsday went $ubscription a while ago. Then they came out with an article that said 37 people or something had signed up. Way to go, Newsday!

Here's another post about Oktoberfest events from Long Island Restaurant News. A site like that has so much information it scares me. But they link to me, so I don't feel too bad.


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