Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fancy McDonald's

Finally got around to trying the fancy dancy McDonald's in New Hyde Park. There's a lot of info about it online. So I'll just say a couple things.

The house was built circa 1875 and belonged to the Denton family, which apparently has roots back to when the Town of Hempstead was founded. There's a plaque inside with the 1875 date. A quick property records search (because I can do things like that) says the house was built in 1921. What does this discrepancy mean? I don't know.

So the place was originally a private residence, but starting in the 50's the property was owned by different corporations. Some people have said it was an Italian restaurant at one point.

Looks like it was purchased by the McDonald's Corporation in 1986 (not 1985). They were going to tear down the house and build a typical McDonald's restaurant, but people in New Hyde Park and the Town of North Hempstead were able to get the place designated an historic landmark.  McDonald's just restored the building, which is cool.

So the place is fancy. And you know what? It makes the food taste better!

Just kidding. It's still shitty. Hey, McDonald's, mayonnaise on a mushroom burger is f*cking gross.

There are also a lot of pics online. But here are mine (including the top pic):


At 12:47 PM, Blogger Spockgirl said...

Wow. That is one fine looking McDonalds. Hmm.. McDonalds in the U.S. has a mushroom burger? I myself am not fond of the fungi, but yes, it would be even worse with mayo. Thanks for posting, even if it wasn't really about food.

At 3:00 PM, Blogger Butter Lover said...

Come on, the information in that post rocked. And I'd had the mushroom burger in the past and thought it was gross then, too. Yeah, so...I'm stupid.

At 10:34 PM, Anonymous your search ends here said...

good post ya,,thank you


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