Saturday, August 14, 2010

Something No One Here Cares About

But it's my blog, so I'm going to talk about it anyway. Maybe I get can more nasty remarks from Indiana readers like for my St. Elmo's review.

Man v. Food this Wednesday is in Indianapolis, the land of chain restaurants. Supposedly he was in the area around Memorial Day (Indy 500 time).

From the previews it looks like he was at a place called Gray Brothers Cafeteria (known as Gray's), which is in Mooresville, maybe 30 min. south of Indianapolis. It's a cafeteria, like a school cafeteria, which there aren't really a lot of on Long Island (none that I've been to). You go in, get a tray, silverware, etc., and move down the line. The food is behind glass, and you tell a server (there are like 10) what you want. They plop it on a warm plate and hand it to you. At the end of the line you pay.

I've been there a hundred times and have gone there since I was a kid. Looks like chunky was eating the meatloaf, which I've never had. They have great fried chicken and chicken and noodles. I've really never had anything bad there.

It's good old country cookin. Think Cracker Barrel. But it kicks Cracker Barrel's ass.

The place is very popular. Always long lines stretching out the giant wooden doors. And always a bunch of oldies. Like a nursing home. So you also know it's cheap if a lot of geezers eat there.

I was last there in September '09 and took the pic below. It's the chicken and noodles (with green beans and corn obviously). Yum. Never thought I'd have an excuse to post it.


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