Monday, January 21, 2008

McLovin Some Coffee

So on Sunday the wife wanted coffee from the Borders bookstore on Sunrise Highway in Bohemia. She likes the way one of the guys there makes it. Apparently he's very precise and does some fancy dancy decorations with the whipped cream and chocolate.

Anyway, he pops out from behind the back of the coffee counter, and I swear to you he looks exactly like the nerdy loser "McLovin" in the movie Superbad. It's not him (as you might suspect), but he looks so much like McLovin that I had to see who the actor was just to make sure. He even sounds like McLovin. I wanted to say something to the guy, but the wife told me to shut it.

Fans of the movie will also recall that there is a cute food-related line in it. The fat kid wants a girlfriend before college so he can become "The Iron Chef of pounding vag." The line makes no sense if you think about it, but it's funny, anyway.


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