Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Colts-Ravens Game

The enjoyable thrashing the Colts gave the Ravens the other night reminded me of a non-Long Island food experience. A couple years ago the wife and I were in Baltimore for a couple days. So, I made a point of stopping by Obrycki's Crab House, Baltimore's most famous crab place. We had beer and, I don't know, a dozen of the boiled blue crabs or something.

Yuck. The crabs were fine. I love crab. But the only seasoning I tasted was black pepper. And the price was something like $50 for the crabs. WTF? Plus, the place is in the f*cking ghetto. I didn't know if we'd be mugged on the way to the restaurant from where we had to park. Thank you, Baltimore.


At 4:31 PM, Blogger NoNiceTime said...

I was in Baltimore over the summer for a Yankee/Orioles game and stopped ny a local crab spot. I inquired on the origin of the crabs and to my suprise she said Texas. I thought she was effin with me but she said there has been a crab shortage for years out of the Chesapeake because of years of overfarming. They were still good I guess for LOCAL crabs its better to stay on Long Island for our blue claws


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