Monday, March 13, 2006

The boys at Powerline posted the following:
Media Post's "Publishing Insider" reports:

It's happening already. Waiters at New York City restaurants are starting to introduce themselves to customers by saying, “I’m a blogger--I’m just doing this while I wait for my big break.”

Our advice: Don't quit your day jobs.

While blogging is showing profit potential for consultants prospecting for new business and savvy marketers creating customer dialogues, the vast majority of citizen publishers aren’t making enough from their efforts to even pay for their Internet connection.

Many food bloggers seem guilty of this, posting long, over-written, pretentious restaurant reviews and other items. And it is really off-putting. I started this blog because I couldn't find anything else out there that sufficiently discussed restaurants and other food-related matters on Long Island.

My problem is that I'm too lazy to really make this website into what it could be. So I just post stuff when I have the time. And if someone surfing the Net happens across the blog and finds something useful, then good.

But, God, bloggers doing this sort of thing to find their "big break"? Why not, you know, go to journalism school or major in it in college and actually make a career out of writing and providing information?


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