Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Battle Pizza Dough

I haven't been doing this blogging thing much lately. Who has the time?

But I was very much looking forward to the Iron Chef battle between Mario Batali and Todd English. And watching them cook was great. You could tell each one really wanted to beat the other.

I'm surprised English's dishes were as poor as they were. I would have expected better out of him. And, while everyone praised each and every one of Mario's dishes, he only got a 24 food rating, meaning everyone gave him an 8, almost certainly. He's scored higher in the past. And as much as they criticized English's weird dishes, he got a 22, I believe, meaning one probably gave him an 8, the other two a 7. So, not far behind.

I was surprised to see fatboy Steingarten back as a judge, after his mouthing off to various food network personalities a while back.


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