Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Good and Bad Things about the Food Network's Bobby Flay Marathon

I like watching Bobby Flay cook and his style of food in general. What I did not like was seeing ads for Dave Liberman's lame-ass show at every commercial break. This guy has "all the ingredients" (ugh) to become the next celebrity chef? I don't think so. He looks stiff and awkward on camera, and his food is boring. And who is he? A personal chef who suddenly got his own cooking show? God. When is the Food Network going to stop lowering its standards? In the earlier days, every single person with a show had outstanding credentials. Now, it seems like any schmuck can get a show on there if they know the right people, apparently.

And, as usual, the geniuses at the Food Network show a marathon of grilling on the day that people are actually out grilling and not watching TV. Just as they show a marathon of Thanksgiving cooking on Thanksgiving itself.

Note to the Food Network: it just might be a good idea to show this stuff the day or a couple of days before the relevant holiday. That way people can get ideas from these shows before the event, rather than watch these shows and say "I should have done that."


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