Monday, May 23, 2005

I'm often critical of the Food Network

And it's for reasons like Grill-Gantua, a hopelessly stupid and boring two-hour "special" (so "special," that the Food Network will probably show it 10 times between now and Memorial Day) about some rich schmuck (I assume he's rich, to afford the thing) who has a large, idiotic-looking BBQ rig built. First of all, who cares about this guy? I mean, who is he? A buddy of the CEO of the Food Network? Secondly, it takes two hours to tell this story? Come on... The show would have been slightly better if they'd shown the guy's hottish daughter a little more--but they couldn't even manage that.

The only satisfying thing is that, once the rig was built, and the guy entered a BBQ contest, not only did he not not win anything, but he got his ass kicked by an eleven-year-old girl using a $20 grill. Sweet justice.


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