Thursday, May 26, 2005

Shut up

Apparently, in a recent edition of Gourmet a reader complained that he thought Gourmet was going vegetarian--or at least there were more and more vegetarian recipes. So, this month Gourmet printed 3 letters in response from readers in the "Sugar and Spice" section (which sounds more like the "letters to the editor" section of an especially flamboyantly gay publication).

Did it really take 3 angry, unhinged letters to respond to this guy? Does Gourmet feel it has sufficiently distanced itself from the letter? That any amount of courage or fairness it showed in publishing the letter has now been trampled to dust? Or is there to come an all vegan edition? Maybe Ruth Reichl will feel that's what it takes to reestablish Gourmet's PC cred.


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