Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Don't get between Lidia Bastianich and a plate of food

Has anyone else noticed that on her usually good show (any series), if there is a guest, such as her mother or daughter, and they innocently try to take a bite of something they've just cooked, Lidia forbids them, saying no, she gets the first bite? In fact, she actually grabbed her daughter's arm to stop her. Her daughter looked understandably humiliated.

OK, yeah, it's your show, but these are not only your guests, but your family (usually), your mother. Show some manners and respect, lady. Trust me, Lidia, viewers aren't waiting with bated breath for you to take a bite and call your own food "delicious," as you seem to think. "Ooh, I wonder if she'll like it? I wonder what she'll have to say about it... It was delicious, she said. Oh, thank God."


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