Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy New Year!

Pamela Anderson says "Happy New Year!" You haven't partied unless you look like this afterwards.

On Christmas day watched the Man v. Food marathon on the Travel Channel. Quick note about the St. Louis episode.  It has the "120 Ounce Malt Milkshake Challenge." Basically a gallon.

Those tricky devils at the Crown Candy Kitchen. Here's something they didn't tell you on the show. The challenge is impossible for probably 95% of people or more.

The challenge is to drink a gallon of malt milk shakes in 30 minutes. But the average stomach holds about 1/2 a gallon. Plus, fat takes a long time to move out of the stomach. You are going to drink that milk shake, and it is going to sit in your stomach for a couple hours. Don't make any plans.

This is done at frat parties and is known as the "Gallon Challenge"--drinking a gallon of milk in one hour, not 30 minutes. If guys in college can't drink a gallon of milk in 60 minutes, who's going to drink a gallon of fatty milk shake in 30?

Spoiler Alert: Chunky doesn't make it. He probably gets around 100 ounces down, then pukes his guts out. That's still pretty good. But you need to have a stomach that can hold about a gallon to win.


At 11:24 PM, Blogger Spockgirl said...

Happy New Year! OMG.. Pam looks... words escape me... awful... and a little scary.

I thought I had read that the average human body can only DIGEST 28 oz of fluid in an hour, but that must be incorrect. Even so, I suppose then that one must have an extremely large and expandable abdominal cavity in order to HOLD a gallon.


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