Monday, July 09, 2007

Whole Foods in Jericho

Well, it's July, so time for another post... Wow, who has time for these things?

This weekend we checked out the new-ish Whole Foods in Jericho--just a hop, skip, and jump off of Exit 41 N on the L.I.E. I remember my first experience with a Whole Foods, about 10 years ago (sheesh) in Charlottesville, Virginia. There was some abhorrent stench in there, about what you'd expect wafting from the people-into-food factory in Soylent Green. I eventually went back, but not for many months, and not without some severe pressuring.

Anyhoo, the Jericho Whole Foods is nothing like that. It's probably the largest and nicest one I've seen. Lots of good and fresh seafood and meats. Also some interesting "bar" items, including a hot bar with probably 7 or 8 kinds of Indian food (at least on Sunday).

The downside? It ain't cheap. A 7 oz. container of pesto (not much) was $9. I think the tuna steaks and porterhouse steaks were both $22 per pound. Ouch.

But not everything was so outrageous. Some of the packaged products were the same price you'd find at a Trader Joe's, for instance. And the Ribeyes were on sale for $10 per pound.

So for those of you who like fruity organic crap, check it out if you can afford it. But the wife is sticking to Trader Joe's.

429 North Broadway
Jericho, NY 11753-2106


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