Friday, August 18, 2006

Order This at Houlihan's

I don't bother reviewing chain restaurants because they aren't peculiar to Long Island. And they generally suck donkey balls. But the fam and I do go to them on occasion (mostly because they tend to be more kid-friendly than non-chain places). Lately, much to my surprise, they are putting one or two good things (but that's about it) on the menu.

At Houlihan's (we go to the one by the Smith Haven Mall), order this:

Thai Chile Wings ($8.99)

From the menu:
Slathered in our spicy-sweet glaze of Serrano chiles, honey, ginger, soy, and Sriracha and served with our house sesame-ginger dipping sauce.

There are 10 (I believe). They are generally fried perfectly, and the flavors are, indeed, sweet and spicy. They are just fine, as they are, but on the corner of the plate is a dollop of super-heated chili sauce of some kind that'll make your nose run, and your crotch sweat. So, be warned.

Also, as with most food, avoid them as take-out. The wings tend to steam in the styrofoam container and lose their crisp texture.


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