Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: Zan's Kosher Deli

Look, I admit I'm no expert on Jewish food. And people who are will read the things I'm about to say and probably call me a dumbass or a schwanz or something. Do it! See if I care!

Went to Zan's Kosher Deli in Lake Grove recently, on a Saturday night. The Girlfriend goes there every once in a while. Apparently it's fairly popular. The crowd had died down by the time we got there. The decor is very "diner".

First of all, for whatever reason, there is no salt on the food that I can taste. I asked a friend who is married to a Jewish woman if this was a kosher thing. He said no. I can tell you the flavor of the food is greatly improved with some salt.

I had the Romanian Steak on the recommendation of the waitress (who was very nice).  She said everyone loves it. I ordered it medium rare. It came out black and covered in onions. The only flavor I got from the steak was the taste of char. Not so good. The sides were fries and corn. Both very "eh". 

Our dinners
The Girlfriend got a mix of different things:  kreplach, zucchini sticks, fries, and a potato pancake. The kreplach were not bad. The Girlfriend loves the zucchini sticks with pink horseradish sauce. I wasn't too thrilled with them. Though I did like the potato pancake more than she did.  

As a starter, I had the matzo ball soup. Again, I'm no expert, but it was not that great. Didn't strike me as freshly made either.

Matzo ball soup
Kreplach with fried onions

Maybe everything here is exactly how it's supposed to taste. Other than the salt thing. It was OK. Reasonable prices, especially for the amount of food. They do make a decent corned beef and cabbage, which I got as takeout another time. Little dry though. 

2.5 out of 5 stars

Zan's Kosher Deli
135 Alexander Avenue
Lake Grove, NY 11755


At 6:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just recently orederd from here for a work function and I was taken back by how RUDE and UNPROFFESSIONAL the individuals running this business are. Food was over an hour late and not even delivered to our venue- we had meet them across campus. When I called to discuss my disappointment w/ the Manager he made a comment that he's sure a late lunch isn't the worst thing the Holocaust survivor has experienced. I am appalled at how nasty the comment was. Then he told me this conversation was over and hung up on me! My call was not an angry one but in good conscience I don't believe it's fair to pay $150 for lunch that wasn't delivered when it was supposed to be. My biggest mistake was accepting the food so late. To say this was a disappointing expereince is an understatement. They won't be recieving any more business from me or my office. STAY AWAY!!


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