Thursday, April 08, 2010

Good Article on How No One Cares About [Wine] Bloggers

Derrick Schneider of obession with food wrote a good article about how no one cares about bloggers--and in that article, wine bloggers. (Look for it on his site. His permalink isn't working at the moment.)

I've seen my share of self-important wine bloggers, including locally, who write long, tedious posts about wine every damn day and have a bunch of advertising on their sites. Well guess what? No one cares! Those blogs have no influence in the industry and no impact on wine sales says the article.

It's nice to see a leading food and wine blogger put these people in their place. This guy too. Stop taking yourselves so seriously! No one cares about your blogs, and no one cares about your stupid conferences on wine blogging!

God knows no one cares about this website, and I think it's pretty obvious I don't take it seriously. I don't even have advertising and have rejected any offers. I don't care if anyone reads the useless information on here or not. It's just my take on food on Long Island, and I started this because I thought everyone else said dumb things about the restaurants I went to. So suck it, wine bloggers.


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