Sunday, April 04, 2010

Off-Topic: Go Butler!

View this gallery at The Indianapolis Star: Butler 52, Michigan State 50

I was in the stands in the Hoosier Dome in March, 1991 when Duke beat an undefeated UNLV team before going on to win the championship. And I stood up with the tens of thousands of people cheering and clapping for 10 minutes (or whatever it was) after the game was over.

But I'll be rooting like a lunatic for Butler on Monday night against them. Great story. Wish I was there. I would love to pig out while watching the game, but I've been trying to behave lately.

Local (sort of) tie-in:

A good friend of George Steinbrenner's came into the restaurant about 2001 or 2002, and he says to me [Bobby Plump], 'Mr. Steinbrenner has seen the movie "Hoosiers" 180 times. He sees it every time he's disappointed.' And I said, 'You mean he's only seen it 180 times?' And ['Hoosiers' screenwriter] Angelo Pizzo told me this: He said Steinbrenner has the movie in his private plane and in his houses. And he was taking Lee Iacocca to a meeting in his private plane. And he said, 'Lee, I want you to see this movie.' And Lee says, 'Ehh, what's it about? 'Well, it's about a high school basketball team.' And Iacocca says, 'I don't want to see a movie about a high school basketball team in Indiana.' Supposedly, Steinbrenner said, 'It's my plane, your free ride, so absolutely, we're watching it.'

On the flight back, Lee Iacocca asked whether they could watch the movie again.


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