Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wild by Nature

Finally checked out the Wild by Nature in East Setauket. It’s billed as a fruity organic food store, but I’d describe as an organic, high-end grocery and gourmet store.

Like the better places of its kind, it has lots of good, fresh produce. Even something called a water coconut, whatever that is.

As you’d expect, there are lots of organic brands, lots of vitamins and supplements and who knows what. But they also have some hard to find meats, including rabbit, capon, poussins, and Muscovy duck. They also sell a lot of D’Artagnon products, including fresh chorizo, pates, and even veal demiglace.

Their “normal” meat selection is a bit small, however, and tends to be overpriced. I saw half of a beef tenderloin (really, nothing more than the chateaubriand) for $70! Yikes. I say get a full tenderloin at BJ’s for $55. I also saw what appeared to be “choice” cuts of steaks for about $15 per lb.

The place is cheaper than the Whole Foods in Jericho, and the wife advises it is as cheap as Trader Joe’s for some things and cheaper for others. She loves the place and plans on going there regularly.

198 Main Street
East Setauket


At 11:55 AM, Anonymous sammilynn said...

Compared to the prices at Whole Foods. WBN is akin to Pathmark!


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