Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Great Episode of No Reservations

I was a big fan of a Cook's Tour on the Food Network a few years back, and, for the most part, I like Tony Bourdain. But he's just over exposed at this point (hard to do for a cook), and I've gotten a little tired of him.

So, I don't even watch No Reservations these days. Or, if I do, it's for no more than a few minutes.

But I caught the Cleveland episode last night and loved it (or most of it). I mean who goes to f*cking Cleveland to do a show about food? I'm not even sure what we learned about food in Cleveland except there's some Polish food around, and they love their piggies. But the show was great... Except for the running homage to American Splendor, which was cute for about three seconds.


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