Saturday, August 17, 2013

Coastal Cooking with John Shields

At 1:00 AM on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings, I'll often put on Coastal Cooking with John Shields on WLIW, before I head out to the clubs.

Reader:  You are so full of shit. First, you wouldn't be allowed into any clubs. Second, we all know you never leave your house unless you run out of Twinkies or bourbon.

ANYWAY...I have no idea what anyone is saying on the show. I just watch to see John Shields' weird mannerisms and facial expressions when he's talking to people. They can only be truly appreciated by watching the actual show, but here are some screen captures.

Raised eyebrows/feigned interest in what the person is saying

Listening hard/continued feigned interest

Awkward, too-big, smile

I like bunnies


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