Saturday, April 13, 2013

Review: Leo's in Garden City

Smallish restaurant/pub on 7th Street in Garden City. There are Virginia lacrosse pics on the walls, but also lots of caricature drawings. There's a bar with several TV's showing sports.

Is it a pub? A sports bar? I don't know what this place is going for.

Went there for lunch recently. A chicken sandwich, a turkey club, and two iced teas = $36.00. Yikes! Any diner could make food equally shitty for half the price.

The booths are cramped. The food is terrible and overpriced. Maybe the focus is on the bar and not the food. Maybe this place is fun during a football game when the beer is flowing, and the food is an afterthought.

But as a local place in Garden City for lunch or dinner, it sucks. Reminds me of similar places in college towns, except the prices are about twice as expensive.

1 star out of 5.

190 7th Street
Garden City, NY


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