Monday, October 15, 2012

Haunted Food Blogging!

On Saturday, October 13, went to Smalley's Inn in Carmel. It's a restaurant converted from an inn that was opened by James Smalley in 1852. It was featured on Travel Channel's The Dead Files.

I sat in one of the four front booths. The owner, Anthony Porto, came out to speak to the people who were sitting in the booths for a few minutes. He was very nice and very gracious and showed us all some of the pictures of apparitions that had been captured. One of the booths, "Table 21", apparently has a spirit that stays there all the time.

The Dead Files episode focused on the second wife of James Smalley, who appears to haunt the basement and appear to people as a banshee. Porto wasn't thrilled with how the show portrayed the place and said that, in fact, there are 8 or 9 spirits there and which are apparently harmless. Sometimes spirits lay down with him in bed. Supposedly, waitresses and others have had their cell phone batteries drained. Another time, everyone's cell phones started ringing at the same time.

I took lots of pictures. Didn't catch any spirits. Sad face. one point the auto focus on my iPhone got wacky. The auto focus acted like something was right in front of it, so it wouldn't focus at a distance, even though I couldn't see anything in front of me. It was working fine. It started acting weird. Then it worked fine again.

The food was eh. I had a roast beef sandwich. $9.00. Not too bad. So the prices are decent. Plenty of food for lunch. The place is more an attraction for its atmosphere. It was really decked out for Halloween. Apparently, after 5:00 they have actors in costume try to scare people.

The view from my booth.

"The Boss" sandwich on the lunch specials. 

Spirit captured at Table 21 in September, 2011. And mysterious yellow orb! (Actually, glare from the light above my booth.)

My picture of Table 21. No spirit.

3 out of 5 ghosts

Smalley's Inn
57 Gleneida Avenue
Carmel, NY 10512


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