Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Italian Ices

I had been meaning to post on this before the end of summer (before Labor Day). But, well, I'm lazy...

One of the great features of Long Island are all the Italian Ice places around. I'm from Indiana, and we didn't have sh*t. Some of them are less than great, however, and have chewy, little bits of zest in the ices. Yuck. At least a lot of the places have young, hottie girls working there.

In any event, the best is the one by Hoi Ming in West Sayville (which is 469 Montauk Hwy). I think it's called the "Ice House." Anyway, it's right next to the chinese restaurant.

Most Italian ices have those big, gritty chunks of ice. But the ices here are much smoother, almost creamy. They say the faster you freeze ice cream, the more creamy it is because the crystals are smaller. Maybe these crazy bastards do something similar. The only down-side: a local resident advises the place is open for business only irregularly these days (post Labor Day).


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