Monday, March 27, 2006

Wherein the writer brings together the U Chicago Law blog, a food magazine, and SpongeBob Squarepants...

A few weeks ago, U Chicago Law prof Saul Levmore wondered whether processed foods have a market advantage over things like carrots and spinach because processed foods can be more easily branded and whether there is a link to all the fat kids these days.

From professor Levmore's blog to SpongeBob's ears, Eating Well magazine writes:

Enter companies like Boskovich Farms, producers of SpongeBob Spinach. Vice President of Sales and Marketing Don Hobson hopes SpongeBob’s face will help his product appeal as much to children as to their parents. “I got the idea of using SpongeBob from my own kids,” he says. Other companies are banking on the same idea, with Dora the Explorer showing up on peeled carrots from Grimmway Farms and Elmo promoting Earth’s Best organic cereal. Even food giant Kraft announced
it will no longer advertise Oreos, regular Kool-Aid and other nutritionally challenged products during kids’ programs.


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