Monday, April 18, 2005

Scallops in a Shrimp-Scampi Style Sauce

Made this over the weekend. I wanted to serve the scallops with pasta, so I wanted a thin sauce, as opposed to something thicker or creamier. I couldn't decide between a sauce with a shrimp-stock base or a scampi-style sauce but was told by the wife to do the scampi-style (and in this case it was shallots and garlic in olive oil, some white wine, reduced, and chopped parsley off the heat).

I managed to find some decent diver (jumbo) scallops at a local supermarket. They were relatively fresh and, thus, sweet. Because I was using scallops, I wanted a pasta that wouldn't challenge their delicate flavor. I ended up choosing linquini fini--finer than regular linguini, though regular linguini would probably have worked as well. Fettucini, e.g., would simply be too thick and overpowering.

I mixed the linquini with the sauce and carmelized the scallops in butter. I had originally planned on cooking the scallops medium-rare and letting them finish cooking in the sauce, but I decided I wanted the crisp carmelized texture. So, I just tossed the pasta in the sauce and put the scallops on top on the plate.


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