Sunday, April 17, 2005

Just How Dull is Tyler Florence?

Watching How to Boil Water this morning. The show, while never one of my favorites, was much better with the frenchy guy. Tyler Florence has all the personality of a bag of rock salt. And the female co-host was much better with frenchy. She took more of a lead in hosting the show, but now it's not even clear what she's doing there. Rock salt has been given the reigns for hosting, apparently, and the blonde does nothing more than introduce the show and ask the occasional uninteresting question. Not that I blame her. I'm sure it's because she's probably not clear what her role on the show is, any more, either.

Of course, I remember the first version of the show, in the early days of the Food Network, when it was some clueless but funny guy doing the hosting and cooking. There was a female chef who basically told him what to do to cook the food.

And how does Tyler Florence get all these shows in the first place? He's not a terribly good cook, in my opinion, and, as I indicated, he has no personality that I can detect. I remember him from his days on one of Food Network's best shows (of course they got rid of it), Chef Du Jour. Florence made some ridiculous, sloppy omelet, with a bunch of crap sticking out, and he practically burned it. Then he tried to tell everyone it was perfect.


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